The VenuEvents Lounge

Are you a local business owner, merchant or events planner with vision?  Maybe you operate a successful yoga studio or art gallery featuring guest speakers, practitioners and exhibits.  Just maybe you’re just interested in a networking opportunity that offers a completely free service to you and your customers and participants at business, public and private events and venues.

Welcome to Our Venuepreneur Events Lounge!

In the Lounge, we cater to any type of business or venue that wishes to enrich their customer and participant venue experience with a free and valuable service.

What will you offer at your business or venue?  Free filtered water of course!

The concept is simple: book your venue event with Our Pure Choice.  We show up with a beautifully designed and custom built table display utilizing a Multipure water system.  We set up and offer free filtered water for your customers or venue attendees.  You save money by promoting a no-waste drinking water solution to questionable, expensive and inconvenient bottled water.  And, your attendees are provided with healthy, fresh tasting water to stay hydrated and happy at your venue.  It’s a win-win solution!

(Element for the Venuepreneur Events Lounge above):

Here’s what we offer inside:

  • Venue Calendar – An easy way to book your event or venue for Our Free Filter Water Service – free to you and your customers and attendees
  • What We Offer – Inside we will provide logistics and details to make your venue and event go smoothly while adding value for your attendees
  • Guest Reviews & Articles – Provide us with valuable content to help market online and increase exposure for your business service, products and events

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