Over twenty years ago we started our quest for a real solution to the real problem of toxins and contaminants found in our water sources in an alarming, growing proportion.

It wasn’t until traveling the world and, in particular, living in India for several years, that it became evident how necessary it was to share Multipure and its technology with as many people as possible.  We became determined to present The Choice – The Solution – For Pure Water.

Upon returning to the States, we began to research how we could develop an online presence to broaden our visibility and to share the important message that became our passion: Multipure

Multipure was founded by brothers H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice in 1970, and its five-decade commitment to research and development has made their proprietary densely compressed solid carbon block technology a modern day genius in our world of serious water quality problems.

Only when we understood how to systematically evaluate any point-of-use (POI) drinking water treatment device on the market, could we then easily understand why Multipure, for five decades and counting, has been The Superior Choice for the health and protection of your home, your business and your loved ones.

Our quest for clean water solutions has led us at Our Pure Choice to inform ourselves to the best of our ability.  We have spent countless hours over the years refining and adding to what we have learned.  And there is always more for us to become aware of and to absorb into our own education and awareness.

By no means are we scientists or water quality experts, but we are committed to specializing in the most effective POI system available and in assisting people how they can effectively and confidently evaluate any drinking water system on the market.

In essence, we have done the leg work so it is easy for you to understand the evaluation and comparison process.

And we understand it is daunting and intimidating to delve into the world of water filtration research.  We’ve been there already.

And who, in their busy lives, has the time to research for hours, days and weeks to finally feel absolutely confident the right Choice has been made?  Again, we’ve been there already.

The absolutely most important factor or piece of information we’ve learned throughout our quest to become well-informed has and always will be this point:

It is paramount to understand how to systematically evaluate POI drinking water systems.

There are thousands upon thousands of POI drinking water treatment devices offered on the market, and more than a fair share of marketing hype, campaigns and claims.  This is where we depart from the overwhelming to arrive at the relatively simple and easy process to arrive at choosing Multipure.

Equally – if not more – important to learning how to evaluate filtration systems is to accept the reality the first form of protection is to realize we never know what could be – or enter into – our drinking water source from one moment to the next.  Finally, the next course of action is to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We’ve spent years refining how to present Multipure to friends and acquaintances.  What we learned to share is what really matters.  So, we’ve reduced it to this as our summary:

  1. the first form of protection is to realize we never know what could be – or enter into – our drinking water source from one moment to the next


  1. the first course of action is to protect yourself and your loved ones once you learn how to evaluate any drinking water system


  1. The effectiveness of any drinking water treatment device is measured directly by the performance of its filter, not marketing claims.


Once we reduced and encapsulated all the overwhelming information we gathered pertaining to water filtration into the above three points, we then realized we had to find a way to evaluate manufacturer marketing claims for comparison purposes, and testing facilities facility.  How is the manufacture’s claims backed by testing?  What type of facility performed the testing?  Did the testing facility specialize in water products and filtration processes or another area of testing?  What protocol did the testing facility use, if any?

When we started looking at different manufactures and their claims, we were amazed what we found: everything in the spectrum of accurate and truthful to misleading and very questionable.  But we only understood what the claims meant when we discovered what testing facility is the one that matters.

As stated earlier, we are not experts.  We found, though, the process of evaluating drinking water treatment systems to be relatively simple and easy.  The testing facility that matters is NSF International.

NSF International has an in-depth history.  Founded in the Michigan University of Public Health and Safety in 194x, NSF started as the organization that realize the need for basic public health standards.  So, they began developing the standards.  Later, NSF expanded into testing utilizing the protocols they continuously developed and refined.  Among a wide array of protocols pertaining to health and safety, water treatment devices is one of their specialties.  And NSF tests not only in North America.  They are now worldwide.

For everything presented in Our Story and for everything we’ve experienced regarding water quality and filtration, Our Pure Choice is confident and passionate to share the real choice for pure water with you.